Financial Articles

Increased buying rate is not always good for the economy

 Consumerism is economically exhibited by the persistent buying of new products and services. It is motivated by large amounts of money spent on advertising made to produce both desire to follow trends and to satisfy personal wants. Materialism is considered to be one of the end products of consumerism.  Consumerism is becoming the central element…
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Inflation and gold

Back in year 2016, global mayhem ensues as an uncommon idea started to make its way into mainstream news, the idea that inflation is actually a bad thing for the gold is slowly gaining traction. According to Jim Rickards in September of the same year, the logic behind this trending news is simply the relation…
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Fundamental Analysis

In terms of finance and accounting, fundamental analysis is basically the assessment of business financial statements which includes the business’s earnings, assets and liabilities as well as health, markets and its competitors. It is the method wherein a security is evaluated with the goal of measuring its intrinsic value, by assessing related financial, economic and…
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