How FTSE 100 performance in 2016 influence 2017

The FTSE 100 is a part of a company that specializes in index calculation; however it doesn’t belong to any stock exchange. It is considered as the most widely used stock market index worldwide.

British stocks had a great 2016 when the UK decided to leave the EU; it broke new records with the blue-chip FTSE 100. There have been speculations that the FTSE will have a much better performance this 2017, although foreseeing things is considered to be difficult due to the bizarre uncertainties that are affecting the global markets today.

Best performers in 2016

UK’s vote for Brexit may have resulted to a weaker pound but companies that made up the FTSE 100 from abroad earned about 70% of the revenue. This means that they generate more cash when sterling is unsteady. Here are some of the companies that dominated the pinnacle of the FTSE 100 in 2016; the following gained more than 70%.

Fresnillo (72.39%) – Fresnillo’s shares were actually 165% one point in July, it pulled back due to the silver running out of steam.

Glencore (195.92%) – this commodity firm from Sweden was one of the largest stories in 2015. There are some speculations that this company might sunk with its $30 billion chunk of debt.

Anglo American (277.55%) – is one of the biggest diamond and platinum miner. Anglo’s stocks are highly valuable at the end of 2016.

Foreseeing 2017 in numbers

Britain’s stock had a good start this 2017, after attaining high records for seven days straight. The FTSE 100 on January 6 finished at 7210.05, 5 percent higher than the start of December. According to the predictions of Naeem Aslam, market analyst at Think Markets, FTSE 100 could escalate another 25 percent. Index will reach 7,500 before 2017 ends according to the conclusions of Julian Jessop from Capital Economics.